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High-quality wellness-themed meeting

You can book a meeting for a group of 4-24 people for a day or several. The package includes a harmonious meeting environment that promotes wellness in a villa or the Halla Kota, vegetarian-focused, locally produced food, restorative group activities and a massage. Our meeting manager will take care of your and your team’s well-being during the entire stay.


One day meeting includes

  • A wellness-themed meeting for 4-24 people in a hillside or lakeside villa or the Halla Kota meeting room, based on your preference
  • A refreshing juice shot as a welcome gift
  • Morning coffee and overnight oats
  • Saimaa’s locally produced vegetarian-focused lunch
  • Afternoon coffee

Included activities

  • Shoulder massage during the meeting
  • Salt chamber
  • Restorative Shindo® at the end of the day


Overnight meeting includes

  • The wellness-themed one day meeting package
  • Accommodation in hillside or lakeside villas
  • The opportunity to have dinner in the villa or the Halla Kota
  • Sauna, hot tub, ice swimming and sauna yoga with instructor

Activities available for separate fee:

  • Yoga with instructor
  • Relaxing and restorative group meditation

In addition, Hotel Anttolanhovi’s services, restaurant and pool and spa services are available.



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