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Pure, local flavours

Food is a source of enjoyment, recreation and vitality. Pure ingredients, artisan producers and nurturing the local food culture are close to our hearts. Our meat comes from a small, private producer, fish from local fishermen and vegetables and root vegetables from nearby farms. The berries and mushrooms we use come from the forests surrounding Saimaa.

We want to offer you the best locally produced food of your life.

Our carefully crafted, high-quality breakfast can be served in your private villa or as a delicious locally produced breakfast catered in the Halla Kota. Halla Kota lets you take a journey of flavour with an open fire blazing next to you.

If you would like a more intimate dinner experience, dinner can also be delivered to your villa. Alternatively, you can enjoy dinner from the à la carte menu at the Anttolanhovi restaurant.


Villa Menu's

Halla's villa menu can be ordered directly to the villa. We want to offer you the best local food of your life.

We can deliver the villa menu directly to your villa if you need a more private dining experience. The content of the menu varies depending on the season. 

Villa menu 60 € / pesosn 

Delivery to the  villa +40 €